Elephant Jamm AV Workshop

Elephant Jamm AV Workshop

Highlights of the day:

Full end AV performance:

27 September 2014 at Hotel Elephant, London where we held a day of audio-visual workshops.

Part 1 – Ninja Jamm, by Matt Black (Coldcut/Ninja Tune)
Part 2 – Resolume Arena by Pete ElasticEye and Matt Sharp (MOREEYES)

The day culminated with a live performance AV Jamm using the audio and visual materials created by the participants during the workshops.
Participants were encouraged to create all of their own audio samples (140 bpm, c minor) from voices, sounds & sources from around the venue and surrounding area. The same with video recordings.

The ‘Elephant Jammer’ tunepack is available for free on the Ninja Jamm app.

Thanks to all involved – Mimi, Rob, Oliver, Fabrizio, Yuki, Fahmi, Alberto, Claudia, Alex, Lou, Taymah, Mark, Serena, George, Paul, Finley, Michel, Dinaz, Fadi and Carlotta.


December 4, 2015